Expected Results

The main result of the project is the development of an innovative Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Tracking System using IoT technologies and an integrated Event Capturing and IoT Application Management Platform with a focus on interoperability. An important part of the system will be the proposed Transaction Support & Information Management Information System, which will be addressed to all partners in the supply chain of fresh fruits and vegetables, starting from the field and going as far as managing organic waste as part of a circular economy approach. The information system will consist of 4 distinct subsystems, which due to the modular architecture to be followed during their design and implementation, can be used independently covering the relevant needs. In addition to the system, an IoT Application Platform & Event Capturing platform will be developed, in which 2 Event Capturing and 5 IoT applications will be available. Therefore, at the end of the project there will be ready-to-use 12 software products that can operate either autonomously or collaboratively, in the context of the implementation of specific use cases.

More specifically, the main features of the proposed system which as a whole give it a competitive advantage in a rapidly growing market are: Standards: Full compliance with GS1 standards and best practices related to them | Supply Chain Range: From the field to the consumer and back to the field through the monitoring of waste recycling of fresh products | Minimum reference level: Tracking at commercial unit (product) level | Data transmission technologies: RFID, LoRaWAN, Beacons (BLE) | Modular Structure: Central modular structure for full flexibility and adaptability | Open architecture: Open information templates using XML for full interoperability.

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