Integrated Agrologistics System for Tracing and Supporting the Sale of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

afgo trace image

The Project

The system implemented within the project aims to support the internal traceability of companies, as well as the external traceability of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the supply chain.

The system will apply the "one step up, one step down" principle to provide effective tracking in the supply chain. More specifically, each distinct product will be recognized worldwide and in a unique way, so that it can be identified upstream and downstream of the supply chain. All participants in the distribution network will be able to use the system to implement internal and external traceability practices, while in addition, internal traceability will be implemented in such a way as to ensure that the necessary connections between inputs and outputs are maintained.The main goal of the system to be developed is to effectively support this application through a 4-step process: 1. Recognition 2. Recording 3. Evaluation 4. Sharing

Partnership Members

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